Understanding safety features

Hey everybody!

Two questions

I was wondering what happens to the vention system when a light curtain is broken, or a safety door is opened. Does the program simply pause or does it cause an E-stop where we would then have to reset the machine, and therefor the program.

Does the system have the ability to send out variable voltage signals via the programming?
For instance, say we needed to give something a signal of 10.78 volts rather than the full 24.

Hello Ryan!

Posting the answers from our private conversation here for visibility and letting others pitch in:

1- The Light Curtain and Area Scanners are typically connected to the Safety circuit, hence triggering E-stop.
E-stop kills the program running and requires you to reset it when you reset the E-stop in accordance to the Safety Standards.
The reason is E-stop de-energizes your drives, which means a program could be mid-motion when it happens, and will not complete that motion to stop that potentially dangerous action.

If the safety device is connected directly to your robot, it can be configured to be in Safeguard Stop (Or reduced mode) in stead of triggering an E-stop, but that will only stop or slow down the robot and have no effect on the MachineMotion program.

2- It does not have the ability to send out variable voltage signals, however there are other solution for controlling third party potentiometers such as setting up PWM signals that could be an option.

The final solution should be discussed further to make sure it is suitable and functions as expected, either with the Application Engineer during the scoping, or the Integration Specialists post-sales through a support ticket.