My Vention System seems to be stuck in e-stop, can you offer some troubleshooting steps?

How to troubleshoot E-stop

E-stops are safety events that can occur due to Operators pressing E-stop buttons in case of emergency, or can be imposed by the Machine if it detects errors. Sometimes, when clearing errors and resetting the faults it can seem like the system is stuck in E-stop state.

Disclaimer: E-stop are safety events. Care should be taken interacting with E-stop state machines.

Here are some suggested steps for troubleshooting a machine stuck in E-stop

  1. Check all E-stop buttons, including the one on the Vention Pendant are released. If unsure, press and release them. Try to reset with the Reset button on an E-stop module.
  2. Check that the last device in the safety chain has a safety Jumper in its “Safety-In” port. The last device. For Example, the Pendant at the end of the safety chain should have a safety jumper plugged into its safety-in port behind it.

In the following example, the E-stop module is the last device in chain so has a jumper in its port:

The following video shows how to make safety wiring:

  1. If all E-stops are in their released state and the jumper is in and the system does not reset. Disconnect the cable ends and check the pins on the cable to see if any are bent, broken or missing. This can occur with improper connecting.
  2. Faulty motor connections can also impose E-stop states. Checking the motor cable connections and ensuring they are fully tightened as well as no damaged pins is next.
  3. Interlock safety devices: safety gates can be an easily overlooked place where the E-stop chain is broken. Fully open and re-close the gate to ensure it is in its safe state.

  1. If both safety cables and motor cables are properly set up and the system still does not clear E-stop when the reset button is pressed, reboot the controller using first the power button, then disconnecting the power cable from the machine leaving it powered off for at least 10 seconds. Power it back on and press the reset button once fully booted.
  2. If still in E-stop, you can disconnect all safety devices from the MachineMotion and if safe to do so, only connect a single E-stop module to the safety-in port of the controller and its jumper. If it is still stuck in E-stop with only this connected, this could point to a problem with the Module, jumper, cable or controller itself. If other cables and jumpers are available, try them in the original one’s stead.
  3. If after these steps, the system is still in E-stop you can begin bypassing specific devices in the safety chain.

For example, if a safety chain had: MachineMotion → E-stop module → Interlock → Robot Safety module → E-stop → Safety Module, Pendant.

You can methodically remove specific components from the chain to see if one of the modules is causing the E-stop.

If after checking these steps, the system does not reset from E-stop with the reset button, please open a case with the team

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