Copilot for MachineLogic

MachineLogic is good. But we can’t ignore that generative AI is taking over the Internet!

As a developer, I could really imagine a copilot helping me out in MachineBuilder…

  • figuring out the connections and fasteners between my extrusions
  • setting up the instructions I need in my MachineLogic sequence
  • assisting me in writing my Python script

Assembly and Wiring Instruction Copilot! :raised_hands:

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Love the good ideas about AI implementation. I just made a post about your 3rd point: help with writing Python script :robot:


Could it be possible to deploy a Vention GPT for all product queries to the pendant?

Possibly it could even be a way for errors generated to automatically suggest resolutions.


Great question @david-moore! I don’t see why not - so I put the capability into the tool. Check out the screenshot below; I uploaded the Pendant documentation to its knowledge base so it can provide answers directly from the source.

Example Prompt:

You: Do you know anything about the Vention pendant? I want to learn about its safety functions, such as restarting after an e-stop, if it’s designed for outdoor use, and what safety certifications it has

Vention-GPT: The Vention MachineMotion Pendant V3 is a plug-and-play touchscreen interface designed for use with Vention’s MachineMotion 2 controller. Here are the details regarding its safety functions, outdoor use, and safety certifications:

  1. Safety Functions:
  • The Pendant V3 includes an emergency stop button which is integrated into the safety loop of a MachineMotion V2 controller.
  • After an emergency stop, the system does not restart automatically, complying with standards such as EN IEC 60204-1:2018 and EN ISO 10218-1:2011. This means that after pressing the emergency stop, the machine will require a manual reset to restart, enhancing safety.
  • The emergency stop button should not be operational until the safety functions have been tested and verified during commissioning.
  1. Outdoor Use:
  • The Pendant V3 is designed for indoor environments and is not suitable for outdoor use. It should not be exposed to dust or high humidity as these conditions could lead to malfunctions.
  1. Safety Certifications:
  • The Pendant V3 conforms to the Machinery Directive, the RoHS Directive, and the RED (Radio Equipment Directive). This is confirmed by the EU Declaration of Conformity available in the product documentation.
  • It has an ingress protection rating of IP40, meaning it is protected against solid objects larger than 1mm but not water-resistant, which is another reason it’s not suitable for outdoor use.

Remember, while the Pendant V3 provides an emergency stop function and is part of the safety system, the manufacturer of the installation or machine is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the entire safety system. This includes conducting a risk assessment and designing the safety system, which Vention does not take liability for​​.

I verified Vention-GPT’s answer with the documentation below:

Hope this helps!