The magic of imported parts

We sometimes have a chuckle here at Vention, about the fate of imported parts on the platform. Ever since we launched (more than 7 years ago now), imported parts have played quite a variety of roles, some of which we didn’t expect. Welcome to the ‘V’ of ‘variety’! A few use cases:

  • bring into your design a product of yours, that your design will be interacting with, e.g.
    • a product that will be picked and placed by your Vention machine, robot or gripper
    • an element that will be staged by your Vention design to a 3D scanner
  • add to your design a function that is not directly covered by the Vention catalogue, e.g.
    • a custom-machined or 3D-printed element that will complement your Vention design
    • an element of some other supplier’s catalogue
    • any other missing link that is implemented easily in your realm
  • represent another agent in your scenario, e.g.
    • a CNC with which your robot will communicate
    • an external conveyor system
  • support elements that have a custom-fit model such as panels
  • stage new elements that will eventually become official parts (n.b. robots were first introduced as imported parts many years ago!)
  • record other exotic requirements that we may (or may not) be able to fulfil for you

It’s very easy to attach custom connectors to imported parts, allowing to connect them to any other part of your design.

When it’s feasible, our operations team will often jump through hoops to make your idea come to life. At the end of the day, sky is the limit with imported parts.