How can I obtain a 2D drawing of my design?

Vention MachineBuilder does not provide 2D assembly drawings because they aren’t necessary in the context of Vention assemblies. All components are standard and modular to Vention’s library, so no custom manufacturing is needed for these components.

Alternatively, all measurements you take in MachineBuilder will remain displayed until you delete them. This allows you to take screen captures of the front, top, side and isometric views with the important dimensions required for your installation plan.

During assembly, you can use MachineBuilder’s annotation feature to highlight part numbers and learn which part goes where. Since all of Vention’s physical parts have laser-engraved part numbers on them, the assembly steps can be completed without drawings. (You can also find 2D drawings of every Vention part on our website.)

Lastly, note that the T-nut fasteners we use prevent any assembly step dependencies. Regardless of where you start assembling your design—from the right, left, top, or bottom—you will always be able to put together your entire machine in any sequence.