Intent: the seed of collaboration

Vention offers to its users a collaborative platform accessible worldwide, where a multitude of talents can meet, share a common mechanical language (of hardware parts, mechanisms and control - all geared towards ultra-fast realisation in the physical world), and help you implement the industrial process, or the passive fixture, that you envision.

The most efficient starting point of the adventure is a clear, explicit intent: what do I want to accomplish? what are the characteristics of the product that my process would manipulate, or that my fixture would espouse? How much space would I be willing to allocate to that process? How would humans or other systems interact with this process? How fast does the machine need to operate, in order for it to help my process be profitable? What other constraints do I need to take into consideration?

MachineScope is the tool letting you formulate these thoughts and constraints, or sketch your idea. Past that point, you choose your collaborators, and the role you want to play on the platform: be it simply review & approval, or taking an active role in the design, or the programming of the process - you always have complete control and transparency about the evolution of your idea in a Vention design.