MachineBuilder Glossary

image MachineBuilder Glossary

Icon Name Description Shortcut
Image Save Allows you to save the current iteration of your MachineBuilder design. Ctl + S
Image Bill of Materials This brings you to the design page where you can see the itemized bill of materials of all components and add-ons in your MachineBuilder design.
Image Revisions Allows you to see all previously saved versions of your opened MachineBuilder design. Clicking on a previous version will load it within MachineBuilder.
Image Update Thumbnail Allows you to update the thumbnails of your MachineBuilder design. These will be displayed anywhere an image preview of your design is seen. Ex: design preview page, design dashboard, quotes, etc.
Image Instructor Allows you to toggle the Instructor Tooltips On/Off in MachineBuilder. Tooltips provide helpful insight on how to use various tools within MachineBuilder.
Image Annotations Toggle to access the annotation dropdown menu in MachineBuilder to select which form of annotation overlay you want present in your design. Note you can only have one annotation form toggled at a time.
Image Annotations Toggle to turn off the selected annotation overlay.
Image Show Price Toggle to show the price of the individual components in your MachineBuilder design.
Image Show Part Number Toggle to show the part number of the individual components in your MachineBuilder design.
Image Show Dimensions Toggle to show the dimensions of the extrusions in your MachineBuilder design.
Image Show Fixed Parts Toggle to highlight which components or structures are fixed in place in your MachineBuilder design.
Image Measurement Tool Toggle to access the measurement dropdown menu in MachineBuilder to select which form of measurement tool you would like to use. Measure face-to-face, edge and point-to-point.
Image Measure Face to Face Allows you to measure the distance between two parallel surfaces. Surfaces must be parallel, planar surfaces. M
Image Measure Edge Allows you to measure unbroken edge lengths of components. For linear edges, it will give you the length of the selected unbroken edge. For close circles, it will give you the circumference of the selected closed loop E
Image Measure point to Point Allows you to measure the distance between two arbitrary points. The tool will auto snap to any corner or center point of a surface. To freely select any point, hold Ctl while selecting your points. O
Image Toggle Visibility Allows you to toggle the visibility of any measurements made in your MachineBuilder design. This will hide/unhide your measurements, but will not delete them.
Image Measurement Style Toggle to access the unit of measurement menu to select either Imperial or Metric.
Image Imperial Allows you to change your unit of measurement to inches & pounds (lbs).
Image Metric Allows you to change your unit of measurement to millimetres and kilograms (kg).
Image Snap Increment Toggle to access the snap incrementation options. 1mm, 5mm, 11.25mm, 22.5mm, 45mm
Image Undo Allows you undo your most recent action in MachineBuilder. Ctl + Z
Image Redo Allows you to re-do the most recent undo action. Ctl + Y
Image Group Allows you to group a selection of parts into one unit that will behave as a single part Ctl + G
Image Ungroup Allows you to break a grouped selection of parts into its individual components. Ctl + Shift + G
Image View Style Toggle to select between the MachineBuilder view styles
Image Shaded Allows you to view parts as solid objects with no feature lines
Image Shaded & Wireframe Allows you to view parts as solids with feature lines
Image Hidden Line Allows you to view parts only as feature lines
Image Design Structure Allows you to view a list of all the individual components of a design with their associated parts
Image Exploded View Allows you to view your design as detached components X
Image Fit to View Fits all components into view. If a single or grouping of components is selected, it will fit that selection to view instead F
Image Point-to-Point Connection Allows you to connect two parts using discrete snapping points P
Image Check Connections Has MachineBuilder scan the design and create connections between disconnected parts with available connection options
Image Request Design Review Request design assistance for your current design. Will put you in contact with a Vention representative
Image Automated design check Automatically checks your design and proposes improvements such as missing connectors and frame interference
Image Help Help menu, including tutorials, shortcuts and links to relevant content
Image Open Comments Toggle to open the design comment window
Image Edit Pin Allows you to pin a comment to a specific location in your design
Image Add Comment Allows you to create a new comment
Image Refresh Allows you to refresh the comment window
Image Share Design Link Allows you to add collaborators to your design and create a shareable link to your design.
Image Publish Allows you to publish your design to the public design library.