Looking to home your Rotary Actuator v2 with an IO Module? Boy, do we have a guide for you!

1. Disclaimer

By following this guide, the operator is responsible for repair due to any unintended file modifications that
might cause the system to be inoperable. Extra caution and care is necessary while accessing Cloud9 in the system.

NOTE: The controller MUST to be turned OFF if there is any attempt to manipulate the motor drive
cable (unplug, loosen, plug in, tighten)

2. Overview

This forum post will guide you through checking how to perform homing using a sensor connecting to an IO
Module for a Rotary Actuator V2 instead of using the motor’s endstops. This is applicable using Python API
only for this guide
For more details about the Rotary Actuator V2, please refer to our site.

3. Setup Requirements

Here is a list of the equipment you will need :

MachineMotion V2

P/N: CE-CL-010-0004

Non-Flush Inductive Proximity Sensor

P/N: CE-SN-004-0001

IO Module V1 - P/N: CE-MD-001-0000

Or IO Module V2 - P/N: CE-MD-001-0000 v2

IO Module’s address - Please see IO Module Address Configuration Guide
Input pin number that the Non-Flush Inductive Proximity Sensor is connected to

NEMA 34 Stepper Servo Motor

Large - 157mm - P/N: MO-SM-011-0000
Medium - 100mm - P/N: MO-SM-012-0000
Small - 68mm - P/N: MO-SM-013-0000

Rotary Actuator V2 with Sensor Provision

P/N: MO-RM-002-0001__3
Code template can be found on the last page of this post


Sensor to IO Module V1

Figure 1. Sensor to IO Module V1 connection
Sensor to IO Module V2

ASD Template-Page-6.drawio (1)

Figure 2. Sensor to IO Module V2 connection
Sensor Trigger and Sensor Placement

The home final position will be right before the trigger piece.

Figure 2. The sensor at home position

Note: the sensor will need to be close and able to read the entire length of the sensor trigger piece as
sample image below


Figure 3. Recommended distance between sensor and trigger piece


Figure 4. Sensor needs to pass in full length alignment of the trigger piece

Python Script


Before running the Homing with IO Module python script, a few variables below will need to be changed to match with your existing system connection and hardware.
To determine IO address, please consult the IO Module Address Configuration guide.

Motor configuration

Make sure to match the motor configuration to your system with respect to the axis, actuator type, positive direction, current delivered to motor and motor size.

For more details on MachineMotion Python API, please refer to our Github

4. Code Sequence Walkthrough

Sequence Flowchart

Potential Features
It is possible to add more future to the Homing with IO Module Python script such as:

  • Run script automatically on startup
  • Run script when a button is pressed

5. Code Template

Code template can be downloaded with the link below.

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