Does Vention have an API for their MachineMotion controller?

We certainly do! Please see the below steps :

Here is a guide on how to obtain the MachineMotion API: Python Programming - How to guide
Here is a reference list of each of the functions for the MachineMotion python API: Application Programming Interface: Python v4.2 - User manual

Essentially, there are 2 ways to program using Python:

  1. By directly connecting your laptop via ethernet to the MachineMotion, and programming using the Cloud9 IDE
    Note: The MachineMotion API already preinstalled into the MachineMotion, and you do not have to download it. But, the laptop must be plugged into the MachineMotion at all times
  2. By creating a python program on your PC on your chosen API, and uploading that program into the MachineMotion
    Note: You will have to download the MachineMotion API for this method to work.