How do I find my Automated System Diagram?

If you are looking for the Wiring Diagram or Automated System Diagram for your project, below are steps to help you find it:

1- Look for your design on the Vention Dashboard.
Note: the design number is the 6 digits at the end of your design name.

2- Press on it to access the documentation tab.

3- Download the Automated System Diagram (ASD).

The Steps are numbered on the picture for reference.

You can also access other documentation with the same method as observed on the picture.

If you encounter any issues, you may contact our support team by sending us a ticket at .


This is nice for an overview but if you had to dive a little deeper into one specific spot that would show what wiring card us being use. if it has pins that need wired to a component that it would show the pin location and wire color.

Thanks for the question Brad!

The ASD shows how to connect all Vention components to each other.

For more detailed pinouts or for connecting to non-Vention made components, the product pages have the specific pin mapping for example: MachineMotion 2 Safety Cable Pin Out - Datasheet , and MachineMotion 2 Four-Drive Datasheet - Datasheet

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