Tipping Force Calculator

It would be neat to see “Tipping Force Calculator/Checker” similar to the “Design Checker” tool for checking stability of your designs.

Thanks Mike - This is good feedback. We had written this blog post on this topics back in 2018. Agree with you it would make sense to have a calculator. I sent the feedback to the product team

We have a few calculator already for your reference:


Really like the web imbedded script deflection calculators and ROI tool, I’ve used them before so props to whoever developed them, super simple and straight forward to use! :raised_hands:

Yea it’s probably a big ask (especially with the amazing ingenuity/creativity I’ve seen on some of the designs in the community, then adding in robotic motion/carriage momentum/etc.), but I’m sure it would be a helpful tool for those creating simple carts, workbenches, part carriers, etc.


In the meantime, you can copy-paste this 18 degrees cone from the following design: 18 deg Cone for Stability Check | Vention

This is what our team does to make your stability check faster.
We will place the cone at location of the center of mass (using a conservative approximation).
If the feet or wheels of the design are inside the cone’s volume or close, then we widen the base.


Is there a way to calculate centre of gravity in machinebuilder?

Not yet @brad-henrie, but you can select a group of parts and use the “Calculate Weight” feature from the right-click menu to get a rough idea.
When I need more precision, I export my design into a .step file that I use with a 3rd party software.

Please add this to Feature Requests!