Calculating the stability of your equipment

Many components in a manufacturing environment must be secured to a cart or mount for proper functionality. The design process for this assembly, however, requires more than simply creating a mount. You must secure all key components and ensure the assembly is stable enough for all possible orientations and functional movements. This verification is crucial to protecting not only the equipment but also any nearby workers.

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Hi Marc thanks for your article
I have a question about the 18 number for the angle, why we use this angle? (actually This number specifies how much our design can deviate from the vertical line
is it depend to our design and function of structure?

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Great question @khashayar-edare

The 18deg rule comes from a standard used in military and aerospace.

If you were to try to make your equipment tip over, gravity would move back to its initial position, unless the equipment is tilted at an angle of 18 degrees or more.

could you mention the name of standard?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific name or number to share.

However, I can tell you that we have tested this guideline on hundreds of designs.

If you are looking for the ultimate peace of mind, It’s best to anchor your equipment to the floor.

It really depends on your use case!

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