Put the MachineMotion in Operator Mode

Once done with the programming, and ready to operate the physical MachineMotion, I know certain tricks I available by reaching out to the (awesome) Customer Success team, but I love to be empowered to do those things myself:

  • Auto-launch a program whenever booting the MachineMotion
  • Lock the MachineMotion on the Application Launcher page (corresponding to the operator page)
  • Restrict the access to certain pages behind a password
  • Hide applications that are not “production ready”

does this mean i can fullscreen my custom created user interface on the pendant?

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The day this feature requests comes true!

Today the Customer Success team can:

  • setup the MachineMotion so that it auto-launches MachineLogic and Python programs at boot
  • lock the Teach Pendant in the Application Launcher page

The rest is yet to be built!

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Currently using V1 Pendant so I switched to using a PC monitor which gives the operator a larger hmi screen to see/use. Excited to see these additions made, I really enjoy using the MachineLogic Widget GUI, very simplistic and easy to setup! Keep up the good work!

Hey Mike,
We now have our 3rd generation pendants that offer a bigger and smoother touch screen. Check it out and our team could help you upgrade your system.

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