New MachineBuilder Features: Enhanced Manipulation Behavior & Simplified Degree of Freedom Manipulation

We are starting to roll out a few new features in MachineBuilder that further improve the user experience. This is our largest release in the last three years and it is transforming the design process for automated equipment and robot cells.

Enhanced Manipulation Behavior

  • Smarter part manipulation was implemented where connections are preserved. When you slide an extrusion against another, anything connected to that extrusion will move with it.
  • If you are accustomed to using MachineBuilder’s previous behavior to toggle between auto-selected options, you can still enable this feature by opening Settings and enabling ‘Show Selection Picker’.

Simplified Degree of Freedom Manipulation
Now more than ever, simplifying degrees of freedom is easier than ever. Simply double click on any part attached to an actuator or any other component with a degree of freedom to show all the possible movements the rigid body can make in space.

Are you looking to get early access to features like these before they’re launched? Reach out to @varunvention to learn more about our Community Champions program.