Firmware Release of V2.13 on MMV2 + Pendant Release of V3.2

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, and now we’re excited to share our first firmware release of 2024 with you. Here are the key features from this brand-new firmware release that will elevate your experience:


  • New route to control motors in Torque mode: :8000/smartDrives/motion/torque

  • Payload: {“axis”:(int),“torque”:(%),“slope”:(%/sec)}

  • Smart Modules: Hub now reports module topology over: GET :4446/topology

  • Smart Modules: Updated MQTT interface

  • Support For V2 Push Button module: Module is non-latching and has a user configurable LED

MachineLogic - Visual Sequence Editor

  • New “Output EtherNet/IP Event” instruction allows users to send messages to a Scanner EtherNet/IP device.
  • New “Wait for EtherNet/IP Event” instruction allows users to wait for a message from a Scanner EtherNet/IP device.
  • Variables in MachineLogic now can be initialized with expressions using other variables and lambda functions.
  • Variable Input widget in MachineLogic’s UI Builder now supports expressions.

MachineLogic - Python Programming

  • MachineLogic Python applications are now compatible with a subset of the UI Builder. Users can define custom UIs containing the console widget, the event button widget, the input state display widget, and the label widget.

Control Center

  • Configuration: Robot Calibration tools can only be uploaded from the CAD, and cannot be defined on EDGE.
  • Configuration: Already calibrated Robot Digital Calibration Tools are not affected by uploading the configuration. As such, if the user has already calibrated the tool and re-uploaded the configuration, they won’t lose his calibration data.
  • Configuration (Beta): Supports robot TCP offset definition. This TCP offset shall be applied whenever connecting to a robot.
  • Manual Mode: Users can now control the digital outputs even when the MachineMotion is in eStop.
  • Control Center: The maximum supported speed of certain actuators has been revised to smaller, safer values: ball screw, enclosed ball screw, enclosed lead screw, electric cylinder, and telescopic column.

Remote Support Update

  • Adjustments were made to Remote Support to make sure that it is compatible with updates that our video conferencing partner is making to its API.

Please note that this V2.13 firmware release is compatible with Pendant SW v3.2.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments below.