Monitor your deployment with Alerts!

After the launch of MachineAnalytics back in Q4 of 2023, Vention now provides a seamless way to monitor your machine. In this post I want to describe how I user the “Alerts” feature of MachineAnalytics to monitor the status of my machines.

Since I have lots of deployments, I like to use the “Hide Offline Machines” toggle to only see my connected machines.

Then, click “Alerts” to configure events that you want to get notified for. Alerts that you can set include:

  • Cycle Time Goal
  • Cycle Duration
  • Health related metrics (such as CPU temperature and Drive temperature of your MachineMotion controller)
  • Status related alerts (i.e. Running, E-Stop and Idle)

On my end, I like to get notified every time my machine enters E-Stop. That way, even if I’m not physically near me machine, I can get notified that something has happened that I need to address!

This is just one of the many different notifications that can be configured to monitor your machine. Alerts has been an incredible addition to the Vention software stack and I look forward to seeing what features are added next!