I currently have a Vention MachineMotion v2 Controller and looking to add EtherNet/IP, how can I proceed?


EtherNet/IP is a widely used industrial communication protocol that allows for arbitrary devices to communicate over a standard ethernet link. With the MachineMotion EtherNet/IP adapter software, users are able to seamlessly integrate the MachineMotion and Vention ecosystem of motors, actuators, and IO modules with their existing industrial automation infrastructure.

In particular, MachineMotion EtherNet/IP was validated and thoroughly tested for easy and complete control of the MachineMotion hardware primitives from a Rockwell/Allen-Bradley PLC and for higher-level data exchange between custom MachineMotion applications and existing factory automation infrastructure.

This protocol offers two primary utilization options:

  1. Users can maintain their existing control system as the parent and program the Vention system through it, utilizing the programming language of their current control system.
  2. Users can establish process communication, including handshakes, with MachineMotion. This is particularly useful when integrating Vention equipment with non-Vention machines as part of a comprehensive solution.

EtherNet/IP - MachineMotion can enable users who want to program their Vention machine through their existing PLC. Ethernet/IP is a cutting-edge communication protocol designed for seamless integration into Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Our Ethernet/IP solution enables fast, reliable data exchange between MachineMotion and other PLCs, ensuring efficient control and coordination in industrial automation. Elevate your automation system with Ethernet/IP, driving connectivity and performance to new heights.


Ethernet IP capability is natively supported for MachineMotion controllers purchased after December 2023 (SW 2.12) with purchase of the Ethernet IP add on. For previous controllers, please reach out to our support team at integrationsupport@vention.cc or if you are looking to purchase a new controller please reach out to our sales team ( sales@vention.cc) as they would be happy to help!

How to purchase

If you met the above-mentioned criteria, you can purchase the EtherNet/IP feature directly from our website to your current order which includes a MachineMotion Controller.

What do I do once I’ve made my purchase?

Once you’ve made your purchase, you will need to download the EDS file and upload it to your PLC. You can follow the below guide in order to learn how to do that. You will also be requiring an unlock key in order to be able to use the EtherNet/IP capability on the MachineMotion. Once you’ve made your purchase, you will be receiving an email from us with the steps to activate Ethernet/IP on your controller.

Are there any guides that I can use to help with setting up EtherNet/IP?

Absolutely! If you visit this portion of our website, you will find an instructional video and a guide. Lastly, on this same page, you will also be able to peruse through our FAQ related to EtherNet/IP.

For any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team by filling out a form, here!