General Precision vs High Precision

To GP or not to GP … that is the question.


You may have noticed while designing that there are duplicate parts in the library, you aren’t seeing doubles there is actually a really cool reason for this!

The HP (High Precision) connectors have a feature that perfectly aligns in an extrusion.

The GP (General Precision) is flat faced.

But why would there be two options? When should I use what?

High Precision

  • Extra rigidity
  • Enforced alignment - while building your structure the locating feature will force the gusset into the groove of the extrusion. You will get a perfect square every time.
  • The locating feature creates a ledge for the weight to sit ontop of. This increases the strength of a friction joint so it is no longer pure friction.

General Precision

  • Flexibility to create custom angles.
  • Make your adjustable assemblies easier to adjust - when you have a part that will require a little adjustability (loosening and moving the whole assembly) it makes sense to go without the locating feature. The locating feature in this case can cause binding while you adjust and can make it a little cumbersome to slide.

You got this!