I need a different length

I’m making my design but why are there so many length options but none of them are what I need? Help me vention forum bot… you’re my only hope.

I’m not a bot by the way. Hi!

There we store our extrusions in our two different warehouses (for our two continents). In order to make sure your orders get to you very fast we pre-cut the extrusions in 45mm (1.77inch) incriments. We do really hope that these will work for you. In any case here are some common length requirements and how you can achieve them.

I need a length longer than 3.33m
This is a great case for butt joints.

Highlighted in green is one extrusion and joined through the magic of a plate (ST-GP-001-0004) and a butt-joint connector (HW-FN-002-0005). The butt-joint connector is essentially an extra long t-nut that spans the length of 4 t-nuts. The idea is that you have two holes on one end and the other two on the other extrusion.

Some tips with using a butt-joint

  • Stagger your joints to ensure you don’t have a weak point.

    This allows your weak point to be distributed. In order to achieve this you don’t want to make your two lengths equal.

    Much like this!

I need a length between 45mm
If this is for the z direction (the height) we recommend using leveling feet. This gives you a lot of freedom in height. You may be able to get to that direct length.

If this still doesn’t work this is something that we (Vention) would like to know. Please consider requesting a design review. You can do this by clicking on the request design review button in your design.

This will get you incontact with a representative who will assess the request and we can determine if this is possible to cut down for you.
Of course this comes with a longer leadtime and additional charge.

You got this!