Calibrating Your Robot'S TCP with MachineLogic - Quick Guide

Hey everyone! :wave: I wanted to share a quick guide on calibrating your robot using MachineLogic. While there isn’t a specific calibration procedure within MachineLogic, you can easily achieve this by following your robot controller’s built-in TCP calibration steps.

For Universal Robots:

  1. Navigate to the Installation tab.
  2. Select the TCP Configuration tab.
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s provided steps.
  4. You’ll receive 6 values:
  • a. Translation position (X, Y, Z)
  • b. Rotational Values (Rx, Ry, Rz)
  1. In your MachineLogic application:
  • Go to the Configuration tab.
  • Choose your robot.
  • Input the received values.
  • Remember: Rx = i, Ry = j, Rz = k.

Feel free to share if you have tips for other manufacturers or variations in the process! :robot::computer: