What is your robotic preference on the main brands offered by Vention

While exploring the design library, I’ve observed that identical designs are available for various robot/cobot models.

Could you share which one you prefer and your reasons for this preference?

Here are some brand names I noticed.

Universal Robots

Thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing everyone’s opinion.


I’d say Universal Robots.

It’s the most common and well documented robot in my area.

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My company also prefers UR. Their cobots are known for having a user-friendly interface, well-suited for small to medium-sized tasks.

All of the options on Vention are quite good - I’d ask a Vention Applications Engineer for a recommendation depending on your project.

True they are all good. I’m looking for a more community based opinion. I know my preferences.

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Brad B, I work in Johnstown, Oh with Tech.

We Have Epson’s and a Fanuc on the way. We are looking in to a UR for future projects. I like the simplicity of the UR programing but a Fanuc can expand more than a UR on I/O’s.