Takeaways from Automate 2024 (from a Vention client)

I had the amazing opportunity to represent Vention’s Community Champions at Automate 2024. As a Vention customer, I was able to have conversations with experienced industry engineers, many of whom had heard of Vention and were curious about its capabilities.

Here are some key takeaways after talking with dozens of Vention visitors!

  1. Speed is the name of the game. As Carl mentioned in his post, speed was the first question on every visitor’s mind. Companies both large and small are experiencing the huge industry shift towards automation. Vention’s focus on rapid deployment and flexibility really stood out against the competition, especially with our live booth demos. I watched many engineering managers lean in when discussing the value of live quotation and simulation in the same app - for free!

  2. Many people don’t fully understand the scope of Vention. Most visitors only knew Vention from seeing some blue extrusion or watching a video of MachineBuilder. Some had only seen a brief YouTube ad and were curious about the company. Since Vention is so multi-faceted, it took some time to clarify its end-to-end comprehensive experience. I had the most fun explaining to younger engineers how easy it is to transform your napkin drawing into a fully deployed robot using the booth’s display.

  3. People are cautious about “too good to be true.” It’s understandable to be suspicious of a startup, especially one that claims to have created the first truly frictionless automation experience. When you’re managing a dozen warehouses with millions of dollars poured into automation, you want to make sure you’re doing business with a trustworthy company. I had the pleasure of watching people’s fears melt away at the booth, where they could speak directly with Vention executives about mitigating risk and positioning for the future.

  4. Vention truly cares. Many of us have felt the wave of energy that comes with strong teamwork. I saw firsthand how each Vention employee at Automate took pride in their work, hustled to gather more leads, and brought 110% effort to their company. Vention is out to make a difference, and I was happy to join their journey at Automate 2024.

If you joined the Vention community via Automate, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out in this post or my inbox.


It was awesome getting the opportunity to meet you at the show @jesse-li! Putting the voice and face behind our most active community champion was a great experience.

On top of that getting to work alongside you and see how great you were in sharing your passion for engineering and Vention with the attendees of Automate was inspiring.

Can’t wait to collaborate further as well as see where your inquisitive and eager mind takes you next!


Thanks for sharing your takeaways Jesse! I was able to find the Automate sign you had built in MachineBuilder while at the Vention booth!


It was great connecting with you and having you part of our team for the week. It felt like you were someone I have been working with for years. I wish the Cubs won that game we watched together!!


This is amazing!!

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@jesse-li , it was such a pleasure having you with us at Automate! You brought a lot of expertise and passion to our team and it was an honor to hear you talk about Vention to other clients.

You are a true Vention ambassador and I believe this is in line with your point of how much Vention care!

I appreciate the summary, it’s on point!

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It was great to finally meet the Jesse Li. Finally putting a face to the name I’ve been seeing on the platform since the early days!

Looking forward to seeing you again and collaborating in the near future.

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Thank you so much for your enthousiasm during Automate! It was a fun experience to have you with us! Looking forward to an other collaboration soon!

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