Waterjet + Custom Panel Generator dimensioning precision

So I’m looking for some help with best practices for generating custom paneling (by that I mean adding and dimensioning holes/cutouts/taped holes/etc)

I have generated a panel with multiple holes (not at a tooling plate level yet) but holes in specific locations relative to not only edges but other features as well. My custom panel ‘sketch’ becomes very busy very quick and it’s hard/confusing to tell which dimension is for which.

My idea was to (1) auto-generate the base panel in MachineBuilder (2) export the design and modify the panel in my software with proper holes (2) import it back into MachineBuilder (3)… where I’m stuck…

  • Is an import something that can be waterjet?
  • What are the tolerances of the waterjet, thousandths?

Any help, tips, or advice would be greatly appreciated! Or a link to maybe where I missed this information.

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Hey Mike!

TLDR; If you want a non-simple panel and Panel Studio is giving you a hard time, generate it elsewhere and provide a 2D and 3D version of the drawing to your contact at Vention. The application engineering team will ensure that you’ll be able to purchase this custom panel that was difficult to make in (or not possible to make) in Panel Studio.

Generally, Panel Studio is mainly used for quick basic panels with the added value to be able to added some additional holes. Also, our panels are all machined, not waterjet.

Once you start to feel like the panel is becoming crowded with measurements or that you need several work-arounds to get the hole size/locations right in Panel Studio is when you should create your own panel in a different software. Once you have your custom panel completed, reach out to your dedicated Account Executive for the next steps.

Typically, we are able to get custom panels made of the panel materials available on the website without issue. The only reason we may not be able to is due to some panel geometry or feature. To be able to know if we are capable of providing it to you, you’ll need to provide your Account Executive:

  • A .STEP file of the panel
  • A 2D drawing with call-outs and specifications

From there, we can evaluate the feasibility of the panel as well as quote this panel to provide you.

Precision with respect to the machining is very tight, but depends on the machine/material/etc. We’ve never had issues with this in the past.

Hope this helps!