Viewing part properties in MachineBuilder

MachineBuilder’s Design Properties panel allows you to view information about any part without leaving the 3D scene. Simply right click on your desired part and select Design Properties.


A panel will open on the right side of the screen to see general part information, such as part number, weight, and dimensions. You will also be able to find technical specifications. In the example below, the second area moment of inertia, cross-sectional area, torsional constant, and yield strength are provided for the 45mm x 90mm extrusion.

If a technical drawing is available for a part, the 2D Download button will be available in the design properties. Selecting 2D Download will open a preview of the technical drawing and the user will also be able to download the document by selecting the download icon.

Additionally, a 3D step file of your selected part can be downloaded from the Design Properties panel. You will also find links to the data sheet and design guide on the Vention website.