How can I download logs from my MachineMotion v2 Controller?

A. Disclaimer

By following this guide, the operator is responsible for repair due to any unintended file modifications that
might cause the system to be inoperable. Extra caution and care is necessary while accessing Cloud9 in the
NOTE: The controller MUST to be turned OFF if there is any attempt to manipulate the motor drive
cable (unplug, loosen, plug in, tighten)

B. Download Logs from Cloud9

  1. Open Cloud9 in the Main Control Center
    you will need to sign in with username: debian and the password you set when the controller was started up the first time.
    This step will ask for password, for SW 2.7 and below, password is temppwd, then press enter
    Password won’t show when you are typing but it is registering.
    For SW 2.8 and above, you will need to type in your own password that you set when initiating the

  1. Drop down folder cloud9 → vention-control → machineMotion → logs


  1. Right click on the .log file individually inside the log folder and select download

  1. Repeat step 3 for the following log files highlight in the image below
    Note: the support team might ask you to download other log files other than the one indicated,