Stay Ahead: Discover the Trends Transforming the Future of the Automation World

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the rise of DIY industrial automation is a game changer, especially for small to medium-sized manufacturers. Vention’s latest report sheds light on this transformative trend.

What’s driving this shift?

Recent technological innovations, particularly the emergence of MAP (Manufacturing Automation Platform), are revolutionizing business approaches to automation. MAP breaks down traditional barriers, empowering manufacturers with user-friendly, self-service tools and creating a one-stop shop.

The result?

A surge in adoption rates among smaller manufacturers, who are now the primary users of MAP. They’re not just using these systems; they’re leading the way in automation by building their own Advanced Manufacturing Teams. These teams bring automation in-house, developing capabilities and expertise that were once the exclusive domain of larger enterprises.

For instance, the level of self-design by manufacturers reveals a telling story: 52% of medium-sized and 47% of small manufacturers are leveraging the autonomy that MAP provides, leading the charge in DIY automation. This is compared to 44% of large manufacturers, 32% of enterprises, and 30% in academia and government research.

As we witness this shift towards greater self-reliance in manufacturing automation, it’s clear that businesses of all sizes can significantly benefit from MAP’s tailored solutions.

This shift marks the dawn of a new era in manufacturing, where manufacturers of all sizes are equipped to tailor automation solutions to their unique needs, confidently and efficiently.
Understanding this shift is crucial for anyone in the manufacturing sector.

The Vention report is a must-read, serving as a strategic guide to harness the opportunities presented by this trend and the transformative potential of Advanced Manufacturing Teams.