Collaborative designing. Team work makes the dream work

You have a fantastic team filled with brilliant minds. Let’s strengthen our designs by working together.
In your design you will click the add collaborator button:

After that you click add collaborators:

Your collegue will now recieve an email with the link to accept the invitation. After they accept it you can work together.

It is important to know that you won’t be working together at the same time. Meaning you will not be seeing their changes live. You have the ability to accidentally save over eachother. HAVE NO FEAR THE DESIGN TREE IS HERE!

For argument’s sake lets say I wanted to go back to a previous version of this design. Click on this button (revision tree)

This pulls up the revision management.

From here you can click on any of the versions shown and click on open.

The best part of this tree is that you have a version name. Here you can communicate with your team about what the major differences are between versions.

One of my favourite features of collaborative working is using the comment feature.
This allows you to show your buddy what you were looking at when you had your question or comment.

By adding the pin it zooms your view into exactly what the poster was looking. This makes things much easier than sending them an email with screen shots.
They also now have the power to add a reply or resolve the comment to keep everyone up to speed in the project.

You (all) got this!

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