Is the future for industrial automation in AI, humanoids or both?

AI has been a bit of a hot topic for awhile now and I’m sure most of us have seen the incredible ‘humanoid’ robots that companies like Boston Robotics and Tesla are working on.

How are these things going to affect our industry for better or worse (I’m assuming likely better)?

Edit: here’s an article that goes more into the humanoid side of things but it’s paywalled:

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I just saw that A3 posted this new event: They are hosting a one-day event specifically about humanoid robots, AI, and machine vision. It should be interesting! Is anyone thinking of attending?

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I think AI and humanoid robots are a distraction and waste of time.

My biggest problem isn’t technology, it’s buy-in, expectation management, and knowledge limitations. Problems that have existed for hundreds of years. My future in automation is just getting it in the first place.

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