Design by agglomeration

MachineBuilder accelerates design first by establishing simplifying conventions, in the form of its vetted library of compatible parts and pre-defined connectors. One immediately jumps to the assembly phase, without having to worry about compatibility. Sooner or later, you will have to get acquainted with the parts in the library, but a fair amount of guidance is provided.

A more subtle beauty of this approach is that it effortlessly lets you proceed by agglomeration. No need to create groups explicitly all the time. The pattern of connecting two things together is inductive by nature, and readily applicable to implicit groups (aka “islands”) of already inter-connected things. Each island immediately becomes its own lego block.

In the illustration below, two “islands” were quickly put together. 3 equivalent interactions demonstrate the ease with which you can use the agglomeration principle (n.b. the third interaction in the video uses the “point-to-point” tool):