Win Big in Vention's Design Challenge: Create the Ultimate Workstation for Remote Control Car Assembly!

Win up to $100 in Vention’s Design Challenge!

Vention Design Challenge: Build the Ultimate Workstation for Remote Control Car Assembly!

Get ready for an exciting contest! We’re thrilled to announce the Vention Design Challenge, where your creativity and innovation can win you fantastic prizes, including an Amazon gift card and a Vention prize pack. Whether you’re an experienced designer or just getting started with Vention’s MachineBuilder, this is your opportunity to shine.

The Challenge

Welcome to ‘The Remote Control Car Company’, where precision meets innovation. Your latest assignment? Design a workstation fit for the assembly of our esteemed toy cars.

Armed with Vention’s MachineBuilder, you are tasked with creating a workstation that not only optimizes assembly but also ensures top-tier quality control. The challenge is clear: craft a solution that sets a new standard in efficiency and excellence.

Judging Rubric

Your design will be judged based on:

  • Structural Integrity: How sturdy and reliable is the workstation? (/5)

  • Functionality: Does the design streamline the assembly process and ensure high-quality outcomes? (/5)

  • Creative Design Choices: Does the design showcase innovation and creativity? (/5)

  • Summary of Experience Using MachineBuilder: How well does your forum post describe your experience with the latest MachineBuilder version? (/5)

Here’s How to Enter:

  1. Create a Design in MachineBuilder: Build a workstation from scratch that maximizes assembly efficiency and quality control for remote control cars.

  2. Share Your Design: Publish your design in the MachineBuilder Design Challenge Thread [THIS THREAD!], along with a brief summary of your experience in creating the design.

  3. Compete to Win: The top 3 winners will receive Amazon gift cards (up to $100) and a Vention prize pack.

Just Getting Started?

Check out @jeremy-andrews’s video tutorials here to learn how to get started with MachineBuilder and unlock your creativity.

Ready to take on the challenge? Let’s see what you’ve got! Enter from now until May 31st 11:59 PM EST.