JMC Motion's Assembly Line and Machine Producing Medical Applicator Devices

JMC Motion, LLC, a Vention Automation Partner (#VAP) and system integrator, provides their clients with a range of solutions from full turn-key automation systems and lines all the way to lean process improvement equipment and collaborative and industrial robot integration.

JMC Motion recently worked with Vention to create this Assembly Line and Machine for a client producing medical applicator devices.

The assembly line will increase production rate, improve repeatability of assembly, and increase quality for the client. It was designed in #MachineBuilder and features Vention’s modular extrusions for maximum flexibility and ease. The digital twin automatically created with the design allowed for fast and simple assembly, meeting the end customer’s deadline.

If you’re looking for a dedicated and hands-on integrator for your next automation project, explore JMC Motion’s full services:

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