Gasbarre's Solution to Unloading Delicate Parts

GASBARRE serves as a global supplier of custom capital equipment for the powder compaction and heat-treating industries.

As a Vention Automation Partner (#VAP), GASBARRE collaborates with Vention to design both structural and automated solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

In a recent project, GASBARRE created an application for safely automating the unloading of pressed parts onto a tray system. The parts are discharged from a Gasbarre 30T Hydraulic press and carefully positioned on the tray system. Considering the delicate nature of the parts and the requirement to maximize tray space, Gasbarre, along with the Vention team, designed a robust, solid, and rigid structure with minimal lateral movement.

The end customer not only appreciated the functionality but also noted the improved look and feel of the solution. If this design interests you and you’re looking for something similar, GASBARRE is a full-service OEM that not only provides a broad variety of presses and furnaces, but also focuses on automation as both a value-added feature add-on to their equipment and as stand-alone integrations for a variety of markets and applications. :clap:

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